The first keynote on human behaviour

“Among apes: Why the office is like a jungle!”

Our daily behaviour between porter’s lodge and chef’s floor:

  • Body language at the office
  • Emotions in the workplace
  • How mood affects performance
  • Why bosses no longer have to walk fast
  • How to make wise decisions best
  • etc…

Gregor Fauma, briefly:

  • 11 years of university (Vienna, Rome): Behavioural science
  • 16 years as an executive trainer
  • 9 years as a university lecturer (Vienna, Krems): Interview and presentation skills
  • Executive coach since 2013 (ISO-certified)
  • Keynote speaker
"Gregor Fauma rockt die Bühne, erobert die Herzen und das Publikum ist begeistert!"

Speaker Legende Hermann Scherer über Gregor Fauma

"As a client, I was impressed to see how the very critical audience (trainers/coaches) hung on his lips. The way he expresses himself, his speech and content competence simply fit – I have seldom experienced such an authentic and enthralling speaker as Gregor Fauma!"

Mag. Barbara Kluger-Schieder, Head of WIFI Wien